Imagined Futures at Pivot Art + Culture

Last week I dropped by the new Space Art exhibit, Imagined futures hosted by Pivot Art + Culture, part of the Paul Allen Institute in downtown Seattle. Located near the shores of Lake Union, this new gallery is well worth the visit. I am thrilled that such an exhibit opened up in my area and it does not disappoint. It was a sunny day in Seattle, and there was enough daylight to make it somewhat difficult to get good straight-on photos of the pieces on display due to glare, but in person they are spectacular.

Space and Science Fiction Art

This amazing display features examples of space and science fiction art, classic and contemporary. As a professional space and science fiction artist myself, I was humbled to be in the presence of these original pieces. Many of them were inspirations to me from as far back as I can remember. My thanks to Pivot Art + Culture for hosting them.

Let’s take a look at the gallery

Legendary Space Art

Close Up Shots

I loved being able to get right up close to these original pieces and see the paint and material in detail. Again, I had difficulty with daylight glare in the photos. In person it’s very easy to see the art.

John Berkey Space Settlement

John Berkey is one of my all time favorite artists, and here I was able to see his Space Settlement up close.

Robert T. McCall – A Settlement on Mars

Another classic, Robert T. McCall’s Settlement on Mars. This is a  much larger painting than what I’d imagined and it’s quite impressive in person.


A number of fine scale models were on display as well.

I’m giving David Merriman a tough time for calling his Moon Ship “The Angriest Model Ever Made”. David Merriman is a master model builder who doesn’t suffer fools lightly. It was great to see his work in this show.

Want to see more?

If you’re interested in seeing these wonderful paintings and displays in person, Imagined Futures runs until July 10, 2016 at Pivot Art + Culture.

Imagined Futures Poster
Imagined Futures Poster

And if you can’t make the trip to Seattle yourself, I’d highly recommend Ron Miller’s book The Art of Space – available now. It features many of the paintings in Imagined Futures, plus many more (including one of my own, see page 116).


Visit the Space Art By Christopher Doll Store

Thank you for dropping by, and if you like space art like this please drop by my space art store. I’m offering original artwork and a number of smaller gifts, including my adult coloring book, Coloring Space 1.

Space Art By Christopher Doll Store
Space Art By Christopher Doll Store

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    1. It was truly spectacular and I look forward to making a couple of return visits before the end of the run.

        1. I’d say it’s about 18″ – 20″ in diameter, possibly a full 24″. No promises, as I wouldn’t be too comfortable putting any object up to and next to a display like this (aka, I can’t afford to replace it)

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