Announcing The Doll House Baked Goods Kickstarter

Post Kickstarter UPDATE

Unfortunately we didn’t meet our Kickstarter goal, but we had a LOT of wonderful support from all of our friends and family. So thank you all who contributed. Moving forward we are still opening our new shop in July 2016, and are now offering you the chance to help us by purchasing some of our Early Bird Pre-Orders! These are the original Kickstarter reward packages, and will be delivered to you once we open our shop. If you are able to do so, we could really use the help so thank you!


Original Kickstarter Post

We’ve just launched our first Kickstarter to help us expand our business, Doll House Baked Goods.


For the last two years my wife, Stephanie Doll, has been operating a small baking business out of our home. It started with special orders for friends and family, then quickly expanded into several Farmer’s Markets nearby. In the last year, demand has grown to the point where we’ve had to consider expanding our operations and to do this we need your help.

Stephanie Doll is a a skilled baker, and this business has been a labor of love from our kitchen to you. Many of the recipes come from our own family archives, and we use simple ingredients that are locally sourced from our community.

With our new location we’ll be able to start shipping our baked goods to customers across the USA, a first for us! We’ve found a great location in the Country Village near our home in Bothell, Washington. Not only will this give us a permanent retail location, it has the facilities we need to build a larger production.

Check out our website today, which very soon will become our online storefront for home baked cookies, breads, and other goodies shipped right to you!

Thank you! And for me personally this new location will also allow me to permanently display some of my own space art in a public location.

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