Welcoming 2020

2019 was a difficult year for us, as much as it was for many of you. We lost our shop in the Country Village, but we managed to continue with our baking business through our local farmer’s markets. While we knew the Country Village was being sold, it was still a blow to our business and morale.

Country Village – Boat on Pond

The silver lining is that we found so many people who loved our baking, and followed us to the local markets. This helped us finish out the year and for that we are thankful to all of you.

It’s also given me time to build my business as a professional artist. I’ve managed to work on a lot of great projects in 2019 including book covers, retro-science fiction labels for Folksbier Braueri in Brooklyn NYC, and a wonderful scale model of the solar system.

Folksbier Recurring Dreams#32

Going into 2020 I am continuing with several ongoing art projects and I will be sharing these as we go. Some projects I’ve had to keep under wraps until they release, so keep an eye out on my Instagram feed and my site for more details.

Random Walk – Full Artwork

Also, if you are looking for custom artwork for your own project please feel free to contact me. I’m always looking for new projects and this is a great time of year to set something up. If you happen to know of any science fiction authors, editors, art directors or anyone else in the publishing field I am happy to meet them and see if I can make something cool for their projects.

I’d like to thank you all for following me this far and I look forward to sharing new art in 2020.

Now in the Shop

I’ve just made a new category in my shop called “Small Works”. These are smaller, original paintings that would be happy to find a new home. They are less expensive than some of the larger originals that I sell, but no less fun.


All of my ornaments are 30% off, with coupon code ORNAMENTS. Get them before they run out!

Prints in the shop

I’ve posted several prints in the shop that you can order at any time. If there are other images you are interested in, please contact me about having a print made. Depending on the image, I may be able to run it for you. All prints are made at a local print shop and they do a fantastic job.

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