Welcome 2013 – New Year, New Opportunities

2013 brings with it for me a new direction for my career as a designer and an artist. I will continue to provide User Experience guidance for software companies as a consultant through my own company, Rendezvous Design. In addition, I’ve created a plan that will allow me to devote the time and energy necessary to build a name for myself as a multi-faceted artist. The fact is, I’ve always been an artist but I’ve never put my foot down on the accelerator and made it part of my life. Instead of obsessively sketching these scenes in every notebook within reach, or building scale models in the confines of “The Bunker” – my workshop at home), it’s time to explore a path I’d not considered viable in the past. Now, in the midst of crushing economic conditions I’m taking a bit of a leap of faith. Faith in my own skills.

I must be mad.

In preparation for this transition, I’ve been filling out the portfolio on this site with my latest work. It remains mostly Space and Science Fiction imagery, but I’ve discovered the joy of painting scenes from real life in and around the Seattle area.

So what’s the plan? At the moment I’m pulling together enough finished pieces to be used as display items in galleries, local venues, and events. I’m in the process of sorting out the technical details of printing these pieces here, to sell on my site and in person. Most of the work I’ve done in the last month is at sufficient scale for excellent reproductions on canvas. In addition, there is a consortium of colleagues that are building their own body of work and we’re discussing the possibility of an organized show later in the year. Scale models will make their way into the mix as well, although the details remain to be sorted out. And, as always, I’m maintaining a program of exercises to build up my skills.

For those who’ve read so far, my thanks for your attention. Now on to 2013

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