Comic Strip and Space Art Update

With Fall now fully on us here in 2014 I felt overdue for an update on my own art projects. Balancing my work as a professional artist with the practical needs of providing a solid income as a user experience designer has been challenging in many ways, and far more rewarding than I ever expected. I’ve recently taken on a full time role at a reputable online travel company, which has impacted my daily output as expected. Weekends and evenings are now the only time I can reasonably devote to my various projects.

Under the Influence of artists Chris Foss and John Harris

Recently I purchased The Definitive SF Works of Chris Foss, and Beyond The Horizon – The Art of John Harris. Both are amazing collections of science fiction imagery by masters of the art. Their work has been seen on many books, influenced movies (Chris Foss had a direct hand in ALIEN, Jodorowsky’s DUNE, among many others). Like John Berkey, their images left an indelible impression on my mind.

More Sketches from The Expanse

For the record, I am not affiliated in any way with SyFy Channel’s production of The Expanse series. These are merely my own sketches which I made while reading James S.A. Corey’s The Expanse series. Beginning with Leviathan Wakes, I was impressed with the depth of thought that went into building out their vision of the solar system. I kept my sketchbook nearby while I was reading these books, and previously I posted one that I finished off with Photoshop of the Rocinante.