Streaming on Twitch.TV

TUESDAY MARCH 10th, 6pm to 10pm PST

I’ve been threatening to try live streaming art and the time is finally here. For the last week I’ve been putting together the webcams, lights and getting the software ready to go.

I’m 1000% terrified about it all, not going to lie. But it’s going to be a fun time.

BlackBirdCD on Twitch.TV (click on image for link)

Bookmark my channel on Twitch.TV – BlackBirdCD

I’m going to be painting some spaceships and scenes. Four hours is a long time but I suspect it’ll go by quickly. Small paintings can take as much as four hours.

For future streams I am set up to broadcast work in Photoshop, and I have enough room to pull out my big easel for more of a Bob Ross effect.

Intro Video

I had to put together a number of graphics for my Twitch.TV channel – banners, cover images, background images for the stream starting/ending/on break, etc. What better than to make a rolling intro video?

BlackBirdCD Starting Soon Intro Video

Music by Andrew Allen. This is the finished version that I’ll be running as a pre-roll to my stream. 

The Nebula and Galaxy is an image I painted in 2014 in Procreate on an iPad. It was ported to Photoshop, then After Effects, which preserved the layers. This made it relatively easy to animate them in After Effects. I added the text, logo and two starfields in After Effects.

I will definitely look at doing more of these after this exercise. It showed me the ropes a bit in After Effects, which I do not use regularly but I understand the base concepts of animation.

Why BlackBirdCD?

BlackBirdCD was a name I picked ages ago when I worked at Microsoft. The employees were encouraged to make new email accounts under their new HOTMAIL service, to try it out. That’s a long time ago, please don’t look up the years.

I tried to grab just “BlackBird”, but it was already taken. So I went for BlackBird with the CD and it was available.

To keep matters simple, I started using BLACKBIRDCD for every account that needed a name. So there it is. Not too much more than that.

I did however have a black Pontiac Firebird and BlackBird was a bit of a callout to that. Regrettably the car is no longer driveable.

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