Revisiting Breaking Fitts’s Law

For several years I’ve been threatening to return to my comic strip, Breaking Fitts’s Law. It was a fun opportunity to rail against the many oddities and incongruities of office life in the tech world, from the perspective of a “User Experience Designer” (UX). This is all something that was close to my own experience for many years. Fortunately, I captured many of them in the corners of Moleskin notebooks and sketchbooks that I always had on hand through countless (and mostly boring) meetings.

Congratulations! Get Out – Opening new strip

The strip ran in the Fall of 2014 and shortly into 2015. It was enjoyable, and cathartic, but it took a lot of my time. Unfortunately, events in my life conspired to make it difficult to keep up the pace so I had to walk away. With starting a small business, there just wasn’t enough time to devote to my strip. But I always wanted to come back to it.

Sneak Peek at the return of Breaking Fitts’s Law

The first of my return strips are up already, and in an effort to shore up my efforts I’ve opened a Patreon page. This is purely optional for those who wish to support Breaking Fitts’s Law. All of the comic strips will be posted for free on Breaking Fitts’s Law site itself. Patreon subscribers will get early access to the strips – approximately one week before they are posted in the clear. And there are a number of other side benefits I’m adding like behind the scenes info, live Q&A sessions, and for some, the ability to suggest comics.

Breaking Fitts’s Law on Patreon

I’m going to make every effort to keep this going on a regular basis, and will certainly let everyone know if I run into issues. Given all of the other art-related projects going on at the moment, Breaking Fitts’s Law would seem to be a perfect fit. And I might have a bit of material to draw from:

The Archive

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