Painting on Canvas

For the first time in many years I painted on canvas, with real brushes and paint – as opposed to the digital painting that’s consumed me for the last year. My wife Stephanie and I visited The Drunken Easel, a local tavern that combines a painting class with fine, local wine and beer. It was just the two if us, and the owners Justin and Janell, which made for a relaxing evening.

After introductions, and a couple of glasses of wine, we set up to paint. Stephanie worked with Janelle on a wonderful tree with blossoms, while I took advantage of the art supplies to paint a space scene. Justin was a good sport and worked along with the space scene on his easel.

I didn’t know if I’d remember my paint skills. Scale model building requires a lot of painting, usually with a airbrush, and it’s not quite the same as painting an picture. But once I had the brushes moving it all came back quickly. Like riding a bicycle, you really never forget.

Stephanie is no slouch either, we met in an art class back in college. I’m thrilled to have spent date night surrounded by paint.

To be honest, I rather surprised myself with what materialized by the end of the evening. It felt natural, comfortable, and exciting to work up the picture. Even without the crutch of an unlimited undo, and other niceties offered by digital painting, I found the whole experience rewarding.

All in all, it was a wonderful evening, and a great chance to meet some new friends. We’re looking forward to coming back again. As for my own artistic journey, my next chapter begins with sorting out which of the paint tubes and supplies are still viable after years of storage, and picking up what I need to proceed with more of these.

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