New In The Space Art By Christopher Doll Store

I’ve just added a lot of new items to the Space Art By Christopher Doll store and here’s the latest plus a few previews.

Space Art By Christopher Doll Store

Original Art!

I’ve been painting a lot of new images recently and I am making these available to you now! A number of these are smaller watercolor paintings which you may have seen if you’ve been following my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts. Thank you all for the wonderful comments, by the way, your feedback is appreciated.

Along with my traditional space and science fiction themes I’ve been exploring some more traditional views like some of my favorite lighthouses of the Pacific Northwest, and sea battles.

Sea battles, really? I’ve long been a fan of the Patrick O’Brien books featuring Jack Aubrey, and the movie Master and Commander – which is probably the best Star Trek movie in ages.

All of these are available now in my store at the link below

Space Art By Christopher Doll Store

Still Available

I still have some of my hand-painted planet globes in the store, and once these are gone it will be a long time before I offer them again. These were a special gift item for the holiday season last year and I’m not yet certain what will be on the agenda this year. So if you’d like one of your very own please let me know soon!

About Prints

I’ve explored a few options for offering prints of my work through my site, and there are a few of them available now in the store. The prints I have are quality prints, and a fine affordable addition to your own collection. They have been sourced from a variety of vendors and based on the numbers it will make more sense for us to create our own prints going forward. So we are in the process of securing a quality Giclee printer and materials to offer more prints, and we’ll let you know once they are available.


As many of you know, my wife Stephanie and I are opening our own bakery near our home. To do so it means that we’re going to need a lot of equipment, and that means we need to build up some cash reserves. I’m going through my collection of scale models and collectibles, and a number of these will be hitting the store very soon. Some of the models will be build-ups that I’ve already completed, some will be kits, and there are a few collectible items that I’d love to see go to a new home. Look for details soon!

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