My First Artist Credit

One of my pieces was used in an online Russian article about Asteroid Mining and Planetary Resources. This is my first credit as a space artist, and I’m thrilled to check off another “to-do” off the list.

I began the year with the intention of bootstrapping my artwork into a business of its own. Using the best suggestions and plans I’ve accumulated over the years on how to start any business out of pocket and with the tools at my fingertips. As I said before, this is a marathon not a sprint. I have no illusions of becoming fabulously wealthy by painting space scenes. It’s simply something I enjoy and feel compelled to create. The only trick really is to just do it.

By putting my foot to the floor I’ve managed to check off a few other milestones on the journey:

In the meantime I am still an active User Experience Designer for software with a number of fascinating projects in progress.


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