More Sketches from The Expanse

For the record, I am not affiliated in any way with SyFy Channel’s production of The Expanse series. These are merely my own sketches which I made while reading James S.A. Corey’s The Expanse series. Beginning with Leviathan Wakes, I was impressed with the depth of thought that went into building out their vision of the solar system. I kept my sketchbook nearby while I was reading these books, and previously I posted one that I finished off with Photoshop of the Rocinante.

Here are some of the other sketches that I made while reading these books. Enjoy!


And here’s the Rocinante from my previous post about The Expanse:


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    1. Thanks for the compliments, and yeah I’ve not done a very good job labeling these. Mainly because in a few cases I got confused about which ship I was drawing – The Canterbury, for instance, was described as a “fireplug” while I had it drawn more like a triangular craft.

      It’s been a while since I’ve revisited these, so I’ll have some updates soon.


    1. That caught me off guard a bit too, but I recently re-read Leviathan Wakes and now have a bunch of ideas on where to go with this next.

      And my apologies for being so late on a reply – I’m usually far better about such things!

  1. Your take on the Roci is really close to Jeff Zugzales. That gives me hope that we’ll see something pretty close from the production team on the show.

    1. Thank you, Peter! I didn’t see Jeff’s until after I drew mine but I was certainly surprised – happily, that is. Seems like there’s a general feel for what the Rocinante should look like. Can’t wait to see what they have in the show.

    1. Indeed, Glyn, good catch. I’ve stuck to this in my drawings, but they’re often shown flying horizontally (for dramatic effect). In the case of the Rocinante, the decks are arranged like a building, with the crew standing feet-down towards the engine section. The windows I’ve placed would be more like skylights to anyone sitting inside the ship.

      Love the ships in these books

  2. Just now googling “The Expanse,” though like you, I read the novels some time back. Enjoy seeing your take on the ships, though. Don’t you just love the different take on space travel in the books (and shown in the show)? See you around, pardner…

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