Imagined Futures Now Showing in Seattle

To my great surprise and delight, Pivot Art + Culture in Seattle is exhibiting Imagined Futures – a collection of original, classic Space Art through July.

Imagined Futures Poster
Imagined Futures Poster

Many of the pieces are reportedly from the Paul Allen Collection, some of which were previously shown in the early days of the Science Fiction Museum, also in Seattle. From the site, the exhibit is to feature:

Imagined Futures features works by including Chesley Bonestell, Fred Freeman, John Berkey, Jim Burns, Don Dixon, Bob Eggleton, Chris Foss, Fred Gambino, Ron Miller, Ludek Pesek, Richard Powers, Alex Schomburg, and Tim White, alongside, for the first time works from other artists inspired by the visualization of the unknown; Ansel Adams, Max Ernst, Robert Longo, Rene Magritte, Simon Norfolk, Thomas Ruff, and Thomas Struth. In partnership with the Flying Heritage Collection and Living Computer Museum, Imagined Futures will also include artifacts from the history of rocketry and computing.

During one of those early visits to the EMP, I almost walked right into one of Chesley Bonnestell’s original paintings. At first I thought to myself “that’s a wonderful print, so nice to see one so large”. Then I noticed something on the surface of the painting. Paint strokes. I wasn’t looking at a print, this was an ORIGINAL.

Shocked, I turned to a painting behind me in the exhibition hall, and it was this John Berkey painting, Alien Arrival:

Alien Arrival - John Berkey
Alien Arrival – John Berkey

Even back then John Berkey was one of my favorite science fiction artists, and Alien Arrival one of my favorite of his paintings. And here I was looking right at the original. At the time they didn’t allow photography inside the exhibit so I have only my memories of the visit.

I’m looking forward to seeing this exhibition, and judging by the description it’s going to be impressive. So if you’re in the Seattle area this Spring, and would like to see fantastic original space and science fiction art, check out Imagined Futures at Pivot Art + Culture.


Full Disclosure, I am not affiliated with Pivot Art + Culture in any way other than my enthusiasm for this exhibit.

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CDoll_Sept2014Christopher Doll is an artist and designer from the greater Seattle area.  He specializes in astronomy, space travel, and science fiction themes. His work has been featured in a number of books, articles, and on the cover of several novels.

Recently Christopher Doll published Coloring Space 1, the first in a new line of adult coloring books featuring spaceships. Check out the Space Art By Christopher Doll Store for this and other space-related artwork and gifts.

Space Art By Christopher Doll Store
Space Art By Christopher Doll Store


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