I’ve selected the following pieces as my submissions to the upcoming IAAA Spaceship Art Display. Upon selection, I will ensure that the image sizes are appropriate for large-scale printing and framing. As you can see, some of these are less finished than the others, but I liked them enough to propose for the show.


Space Exploration Cruiser – Fusion Powered, 10cc spacecraft designed for long-term exploration and colonization
Space Exploration Cruiser Near Stellar Event
Colonization Spacecraft, retrofitted at the destination world as an orbiting platform.
A massive colonization spacecraft is re-purposed into an orbiting platform using a captured, icy asteroid for long-term consumables and fuel. The fusion reactor and drive has been moved to a suitable location on the asteroid, continuing to provide power and propulsion to the new satellite. Ice and minerals are harvested as needed, to support the fledgling colony while suitable locations are prepared on the surface of the destination planet


Space Cruiser preparing to receive a returning exploration spacecraft
Awesome weaponry unleashed in a tense battle against an interstellar backdrop
Space-based warship heading towards a new deployment
Fleet of speeding spacecraft heading towards an orbiting outpost


Unknown beings have sent these large, organic spacecraft on an unknown mission
Harnessing immense power, humans are moving into the galaxy. This is presented at the sketch stage, as I’m currently detailing this into a more final piece.


Nothing to see here