Emerald City Comicon 2014

Emerald City Comicon 2014 – Seattle, Washington

My second Emerald City Comicon, and a wonderful weekend for my family and my art. This year I had models on display with the Galaxy Hobby SF Model Club, a chance to share my favorite spaceship model kits and space art. My wife and daughters came along, and all had a fantastic time. It was a pleasure having their company at an event that would typically have been mine alone to enjoy.

This year I also brought along my art supplies, to paint a space battle in front of the crowd. It seemed a fitting subject given the weekend, and one I’ve been wanting to tackle. I had most of the painting finished on Saturday, leaving details to finish on Sunday.

The folks at the Wacom Booth, makers of digital art tablets, invited me to be the guest artist for an hour on Sunday. I’ve wanted to try out a Cintiq for some time, and the chance to perform in front of a crowd was exciting. A number of attendees stopped to watch as I airbrushed my way into another space scene. After a few minutes I felt right at home with the tablet which was running my favorite graphics application, Photoshop.

Next year I will be having my own art table, with my friend and co-artist Justin Edwards from The Drunken Easle.

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