Cover Art Reveal – Random Walk by Rachel Lulich

I’ve been working with author Rachel Lulich on this piece for her first book, Random Walk – Book One of the Fractured Galaxy Series. It’s a 30″ x 20″ painting, casein on illustration board with some digital touch-ups in Photoshop.

Random Walk – Full Artwork

This was a fun project that included a fiery red nebula and a near-future NASA-style spacecraft. I wanted to capture a classic, retro-science fiction look with this image.

Here’s the back cover description:

Three Astronauts. One Impossible Journey.

Derek Williams, Jacob Mendez, and Vicky Abrams have trained for years to helm the first manned spaceflight launched by US Air Force Space Command. The Pioneer’s mission is simple – test the experimental new Hawking Engine, designed to take them to Mars faster than any manned craft has travelled before. But when the engine reaches full capacity, the craft unexpectedly hurtles into the unknown.

With power levels falling and communications offline, the crew must face the unbelievable truth – The Pioneer is lightyears from Earth in uncharted space.

Far from the safety of their simulators and support from Ground Control, Derek, Jacob, and Vicky are challenged to the end of their abilities to keep the ship safe – and survive long enough to find a way home.

For more about Fractured Galaxy, follow Fractured Galaxy and Rachel Lulich on Twitter. Rachel also has an Indiegogo Campaign where details on the book will be available soon.

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