Comic Strip and Space Art Update

With Fall now fully on us here in 2014 I felt overdue for an update on my own art projects. Balancing my work as a professional artist with the practical needs of providing a solid income as a user experience designer has been challenging in many ways, and far more rewarding than I ever expected. I’ve recently taken on a full time role at a reputable online travel company, which has impacted my daily output as expected. Weekends and evenings are now the only time I can reasonably devote to my various projects.

Breaking Fitts’s Law – My New Comic Strip

Space Art has helped me kick down a few creative doors within my brain, and one of the pleasant side effects over the last couple of years was my re-discovery of the joy of drawing cartoons. Funny pictures have always found their way into the sidelines of my scribbles in notebooks, and occasionally they’ve made their way into design presentations. I even went so far as to produce a comic strip years ago, during college, which racked up a respectable stack of rejection letters from all the major syndicates of the day.