Comic Strip and Space Art Update

With Fall now fully on us here in 2014 I felt overdue for an update on my own art projects. Balancing my work as a professional artist with the practical needs of providing a solid income as a user experience designer has been challenging in many ways, and far more rewarding than I ever expected. I’ve recently taken on a full time role at a reputable online travel company, which has impacted my daily output as expected. Weekends and evenings are now the only time I can reasonably devote to my various projects.

Report From The Universe – A Springbok Puzzle I Once Had

I’m three years into my space art exploration, and I often find myself wondering where this fascination began in my past. It’s not an unusual stretch of imagination for those that know me personally, as I’ve always been a space and science fiction fan going back as far as I can remember. I came into this world just in time to witness the first moon landing. Space TV shows were all over the few channels any of us could access through the air.