Arrakis and the Seven Sisters

Today’s painting with my good friend, Justin from The Drunken Easel. Neither of us were feeling the muse, but we pressed on anyway.

I finished off a painting I started earlier of the Pleiades, aka The Seven Sisters. It’s a brilliant gem of a star cluster that’s prominent from Fall to Winter here in the northern latitudes.

My second painting was a bit of a struggle. I was trying out a primed board that was way too smooth for my acrylic paint. But I pressed on and ended up with a reasonably decent depiction of a sandworm from DUNE, my favorite book of all time. The color tones match those used by Vincent DiFate for his book cover illustrations in the late 1970’s.

Justin turned out a really great abstract piece:

It’s important to press on, even if you’re not in the mood.

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