Space Art By Christopher Doll

Christopher Doll is an artist and designer living in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

He specializes in Astronomy, Space, and Science Fiction Art.

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Preview! Rigel 7 print coming soon

Last year I made this painting based on the classic scene by…

Last year I made this painting based on the classic scene by famous matte painter Albert Whitlock. It’s the Rigel 7 fortress originally shown in the first Star Trek pilot episode, “The Cage”. It was re-used several times during the rest of the Star Trek series and I always wanted my own version of this classic shot.

What I Do


User Experience Design

UX Design, interaction design, user research, personas, planning, creative, mobile, web, applications, social experiences


Fine Art & Illustration

Astronomy and Space Art, Science Fiction, scenes from the Pacific Northwest, Book Covers


Scale Models

Scale models representing a variety of subjects - Spacecraft and vehicles, characters, and others.

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